After last season's successful trap crop programme the response is well on the way to eradicating pea weevil, and the Controlled Area Notice currently in place remains in force.

Roadside signs and other collateral has been redesigned. Please remind friends and neighbours that growing peas or moving pea straw into the Wairarapa is still prohibited.

The next round of trap crops for the 2018/19 season will be planted when conditions permit and the daily temperature increases.

Pea weevil must feed on pea flowers to reach sexual maturity and reproduce. By removing the peas growing in the Controlled Area the emerging pea weevil are forced to search for food, and find it in a trap crop.


There are three crops of different pea varieties, each flowering at a different time.

Once flowering has started each crop will be monitored for pea weevil every three or four days.

When most flowers start to wither the crop is sprayed with insecticide and once dry, the crop is destroyed by composting or mulching in the field.

Spreading the flowering over a long period will help ensure that all pea weevil are captured.

For the trap crops to be successful no other peas must be grown inside the Controlled Area.

Tararua and Wairarapa growers should watch out for pea seed contamination in other lines of seed and report any rogue pea plants growing in existing crops and waste land to MPI.

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