Good feeder calves continue to sell well at Dannevirke sales.

"There are buyers out there for quality stock," Sam Arends, Carrfields Livestock auctioneer, said. "The trend is continuing from the first sale."

Following the trend of high prices at the New Zealand Farmers Livestock sale last week where the top calf made $255, top quality calves at the Carrfields sale, pure-bred Friesians, made $225 with a pen of big bulls not far behind at $220 a head. Seven bull calves from an Eketahuna vendor made $200 a head, with other prices ranging between $190, $145 and $125.

There was spirited bidding at the Carrfields sale for big, Friesian bull calves, but less demand for smaller entries, with a pen of four making just $50 a head.


"They weren't bad bulls, but vendors aren't so keen to take the risk on smaller animals," Arends said.

Other cross breed calves went for between $35, $40 and $50, with the smallest making just $10.

And although some calf rearers aren't keen on the smaller animals, which can be difficult to rear and more susceptible to infection, as one rearer said, "Anything will grow if you feed it."