Miles Hurrell will replace Theo Spierings as interim chief executive of Fonterra as it halts its global recruitment search.

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters welcomed the announcement when he spoke to The Country's Jamie Mackay, saying, "this is some good news for a change out of Fonterra."

"It's good news in the sense that he's [Hurrell's] a New Zealander. We're not going offshore hiring people who then end up with the kind of result you saw in the last report."

Listen below:

Meanwhile, Opposition leader Simon Bridges has recently had information about his travel expenses leaked and Peters believes it's an inside job.


"Who's the leak? No other party gets the information that the National Party gets ... it goes exclusively to the party that incurred the level of expenditure. So the point is, is the leak from inside the National Party? And the answer is most definitely, it's got to be."

Also in today's interview: Winston Peters talks about small business confidence in the Government and gives his thoughts on the teachers' strikes.