Sam "Lashes" Casey pulled off a bit of a coup when he managed to get Crusaders' coach Scott Robertson and assistant coach Jason Ryan on The Country today.

Robertson and Ryan joined The Country's regular footy correspondent Joe Wheeler for a chat with Jamie Mackay about the Super Rugby final between the Crusaders and the Lions this weekend.

Listen below:

As this is a rural show, Mackay asks Robertson for a brief description of his farming background ... and he gets one.

"I've absolutely never stepped foot on a farm in my life, so that's where it starts and finishes."


When asked about the Lion's destructive prowess in the maul, Ryan comes up with the following one-liner.

"They've got more mauls than Westfield's haven't they, but we're going to be right on top of them ... she's going to be a hell of a battle."

Robertson confirms that this is actually his quip and that Ryan stole it from him, before getting into some serious footy chat (which starts around the 2:30 mark in the audio above).

Finally Robertson discusses his legendary breakdancing abilities that may or may not have been inspired by Vanilla Ice and hints that he might unleash some new moves if the Crusaders are victorious on Saturday.