Whanganui Film Society's next screening is Neon Bull (Boi neon) by Brazilian director Gabriel Mascaro.

Globe and Mail reviewer Barry Hertz described the film as a standout from the 2015 International Film Festival.

"Gabriel Mascaro's drama is an arresting work of visual ambition.

"Sensual and hypnotising, the film focuses on the denizens of Brazil's 'aquejadas' rodeos, where men hustle bulls to the ground by grabbing hold of their tails (it doesn't always work out so well).


"At the centre of the madness is Iremar (Juliano Cazarre), who dreams of a life in fashion, outside the cramped world of the ring.

"Other characters pass through, but this is not a narrative-heavy tale, with Mascaro preferring vivid scenes of gritty arena action to traditional plotting.

"But lest this sound like a macho-heavy trip to the stable, the film is filthy with nuanced moments of fierce, sweaty intimacy, all shot with a precise eye for detail.

"At the very least, it will make you rethink your next rodeo."

Neon Bull screens at the Davis Theatre, Watt St at on Monday at 7pm on Monday, July 30. R16 nudity, explicit sexual material, offensive language, In Portuguese with English subtitles.