Today on The Country, we're celebrating the first moon landing in 1969. Well, we're trying to, but Jamie Mackay that technically it actually happened on July 21st in New Zealand. Sigh.

On with the show:

Lisa Murray:
Met Service forecaster who warns of wet and windy weekend bearing down on us.

Tim Myers and Kevin 'Smiley' Barrett:


Today's panel features the chief executive of Norwood and its high-profile Brand Ambassador.

Don Carson:

An expert in forestry comments on the threat posed to traditional livestock farming by alternative proteins.

Grant Edwards:

We take our monthly look at the wool market - an industry in the spotlight this week with Monday's Wool Summit in Wellington - with the PGG Wrightson's GM of Wool.

Barry Soper:

Our political correspondent ponders the power of New Zealand First as it celebrates 25 years in existence.

Listen below: