Today on The Country, we catch up with Miles Anderson to find out about yesterday's Wool Summit in Wellington.

On with the show:

Cameron Bagrie:

Is an independent economist who looks at the effect the 'Great Disrupter' Donald Trump is having on New Zealand farm gate returns.


Dr. Jacqueline Rowarth:

The former chief scientist for the Environmental Protection Authority comments on Country of Origin labelling and Greenpeace saying Fonterra should ban PKE to stop deforestation despite 99.7% of the value being extracted ending up in supermarket products.

Listen below:

Miles Anderson:

Federated Farmers' Meat and Wool Chair looks at some of positive outcomes from yesterday's Wool Summit in Wellington as the strong wool industry battles some severe headwinds.

Blair McLean:

Our Marlborough-based viticulture correspondent offers some mid-winter cheer. And, as fate would have it, our PGG Wrightson Property of the Week is a Blenheim Vineyard and our Winery of the Week is Yealands.

Pita Alexander:

After his recent sojourn to the States, one of New Zealand's leading farm accountants adds further comment about Donald Trump, US agriculture and this country's housing market.