The Ministry for Primary Industries has confirmed that spring testing for Mycoplasma bovis will begin soon for all dairy herds.

Fonterra's Head of Farm Source for Bay of Plenty Lisa Payne spoke to The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum about the testing, and what it could mean for farmers.

"We're supporting MPI in providing assurance ... for whether herds have M. bovis or not, and that's really what our farmers need to know as well."

Payne says although many herds have been tested already back in March, it is important to do it again at this time of year, "to provide that extra level of assurance."


For farms that have been milking through winter, spring testing will start in August and results will be out in November says Payne.

Fonterra farmers won't have to send samples for testing themselves, as the dairy co-op will take them from the bulk milk, says Payne, "as part of our normal milk collection process."

If their property is in the clear, farmers will get results from Fonterra at the end of the testing, but if the disease is detected, they will be immediately contacted by MPI says Payne.

It is likely there will be another round of testing after this one, as MPI continues to fight Mycoplasma bovis.

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