Four new billboards in Central Taranaki are helping promote the Rural Support Trust.

The signs have the trust's website as well as the 0800 number people can call when they need help and support were the idea of Margaret Vickers.

Margaret, who is a member of the Midhirst branch of Rural Women, says it is important to spread the word on where people can find help when they are struggling.

"Having a personal experience of somebody asking for help is what prompted the idea."
Along with the TET, the group paid for four large signs to be put up in Central Taranaki.


Margaret says it was important to provide support in anyway way, even if it was just tea and scones and a friendly ear. "It's just other people to talk to we don't claim to know everything but we are here to be supportive."

The trust's facilitators assist rural people through adverse events such as flooding, drought, snowstorms as well as financial, animal welfare, and personal crises.

The trust can help with emergency or ongoing help as well as facilitate and advocate for people and offer support during personal, environmental, and financial difficulties.

Trust co-ordinator Marcia Paurini says the trust followed the lead of the group and along with farmers have funded more, to take the total to 12 around the region.

The billboards were already doing their job as she had noticed an increased number of calls through the trust's 0800 number since they had been put up.

Marcia says she is proud of the signs and how they look.

"I think it's amazing because wanted to increase our profile and visibility. When Margaret told us about the idea we just loved it ... it's a more permanent project."