The Mycoplasma bovis response continues, with meetings held around the country to help farmers tackle the cattle disease.

Chief Executive of DairyNZ Dr Tim Mackle spoke to The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum about the meetings, saying they have been beneficial for farmers.

"There has been a lot of engagement with farmers through the meetings that have been held ... and a lot of good questions [have been asked] ... and they are hopefully being answered on the spot well, and I know I'm getting feedback from people that they have been very useful for farmers."

Calf Days have come under question recently due to the risk they could spread Mycoplasma bovis. Mackle says DairyNZ has consulted with the Ministry for Primary Industries and has come to the conclusion that although Calf Days are important to the rural community, it is better to not have them this year.


"It's something we really need to pass over this year at least and recommend to those who are holding them that look you're better off not doing it. We've got too much at stake right now."

Also in today's interview: Dr Tim Mackle comments on the South Island Dairy Event (SIDE), held in Dunedin this week.

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