Mike Minogue is on the hunt for an outrageous true New Zealand rural story and he's looking to The Country for help.

The Kiwi actor and producer for Breakdown Productions spoke to The Country's Jamie Mackay about his web show The Watercooler, and how he needs a great rural yarn for the latest season.

"Every man and his dog's down the pub, telling his big stories but there's very few people that get to see them turned into video," says Minogue.

The Watercooler is in its second season and has already completed an excellent yarn about a dodgy duck hunter. Now they're keen to turn a true rural tale into the next big thing on their show.


Watch The Duck Hunt here: Season 2: Episode 1 The Duck Hunt - A True Story

If Minogue and his fellow actors look a bit familiar there's a reason. They have worked on Taika Waititi's films What We Do in the Shadows, The Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Boy as well Madeleine Sami and Jackie van Beek's The Breaker Upperers just to name a few, so rest assured your story will be in safe hands.

"We've got some really good actors," says Minogue "you get to actually be a little bit world famous in rural New Zealand."

If you're keen on getting in touch with Mike and telling your hard case true rural story - make sure enter our competition here: Win your own episode of The Watercooler
Find out more about The Watercooler at WatchMe and on the show's Facebook page.
Listen below: