New Zealand's organic sector has grown 30 per cent over the past two years to an estimated value of $600 million, led by a 42 per cent jump in organic exports.

Organics Aotearoa New Zealand (OANZ), chief executive Brendon Hoare spoke to The Country's Jamie Mackay about whether organics could be the way forward for New Zealand agriculture.

Although organics is not the biggest market compared to conventional agriculture it is the "fastest mover" says Hoare.

"[The] organic food [market] ... is being led by consumers so the whole thing is the fastest growing multi-food sector in the world."


There are no short cuts when it comes to organic farming as it takes three years to shift to the process says Hoare.

"So those processes are global. That three year process has been around for 35-40 years in the certification."

Fresh fruit and vegetables are the most popular export, but the "big mover" is the dairy, meat and wool sector which has increased 45 per cent.

"I think this is a wonderful position for New Zealand, it is on brand as a country."

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