Selling candy for horses has proved a winner for 14-year-old Hannah Nicol.

Her business, Equine Sweets NZ, has more than 11,000 followers on Instagram and ships sweet treats all over New Zealand and Australia.

Originally started by Kelsie Morgan in 2015, the business was bought by Invercargill teenager Hannah last year.

''I thought it would be a good idea to do a little business and make some money,'' she said.


Hannah has been riding horses for the past five years and competes in dressage.

She took up riding because she liked horses, she said.

The horse treat business provides enough income for Hannah to fund her three horses.

''It's proving quite popular.''

Making and selling the treats meant life was fairly hectic for the Southland Girls' High School pupil, who finished school and went home to ride her horses before making sugar cubes.

Hannah was also looking into expanding the business, investigating the possibility of sending the treats worldwide, she said.

''It's quite time consuming but I enjoy it as well.''

Equine Sweets NZ was also on Facebook, and had a website where assortments of treats could be bought.


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