The Country's Roving North Island Farming Ambassador Sir Brian Lochore has not directly been affected by the Mycoplasma bovis outbreak - but he is still concerned about the cattle disease.

The Wairarapa sheep and beef farmer spoke to The Country's Rowena Duncum saying although Mycoplasma bovis is more prevalent in dairy herds at this stage, it is still a worry.

"It won't directly affect us as much as it does the dairy industry, but it will affect us," says Lochore.

"Quite clearly what has been spreading it around is young bulls that have been bought from all over New Zealand and up on sheep it is a concern."


As for the eradication versus management argument, Lochore admits he doesn't have the answers.

"I don't have any smart answers to decide whether you eradicate or just have to live with it. Eradication would be the best but where do you stop? There has to be a decision made very shortly in my view."

Also in today's interview: Sir Brian Lochore gives us an update on his farm, his thoughts on the first All Blacks team of the year, and the importance of heartland rugby.

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