Today on The Country Rowena catches up with ASB Rural Economist Nathan Penny for a discussion on how Mycoplasma bovis could affect New Zealand's economy.

On with the show:

Sir Brian Lochore:

Our Roving North Island Farming Ambassador gives us his thoughts on the Mycoplasma bovis outbreak and the first All Blacks team of the year.


Nathan Penny:

We ask the ASB Rural Economist about the economic impact of Mycoplasma bovis - eradication versus management.

Barbara Kuriger and Loshni Manikam:

Today's panel features the Taranaki King Country MP (and inaugural 2012 Dairy Woman of the Year) plus the 2018 Dairy Woman of the Year.

Jack Fagan:

Today we find the son of the world's most decorated shearer, (and gun on the handpiece in his own right), in Corsica.

Graeme Smith:

The Chief executive of the Waikato and Coromandel Drug Detection Agency on why meth testing houses is important in the dairy season.

Listen below: