The New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards took place in Invercargill on Saturday, with Northland farmers Dan and Gina Duncan taking out one of the big titles of the night - 2018 Share Farmers of the Year.

Dan Duncan spoke to The Country's Jamie Mackay about why he and his wife Gina swapped their "nice safe townie office jobs," as rural valuers, for a 50/50 sharemilking position on a 460 hectare dairy farm.

Duncan says the PSA outbreak hitting the kiwifruit industry was a catalyst for change, as it altered his valuation workload. Duncan grew up on a dairy farm which also influenced his decision to "head in that direction."

It's a move that has obviously paid off and Duncan says he and Gina are looking forward to "getting amongst it," with their obligations as 2018 Share Farmers of the Year.


Also in today's interview: Jamie Mackay asks Dan Duncan whether the Mycoplasma bovis outbreak has affected his business and how he deals with the "harsh" Northland climate.

Listen below: