OSPRI is urging herd owners who are changing address on Moving Day (June 1) to be vigilant about registering animals and recording movements to enable ongoing traceback and animal health surveillance.

It says farmers should carefully consider whether they need to move their livestock and take steps to minimise movements where possible. All livestock must be NAIT tagged and their movements recorded in the NAIT system.

Farmers should also avoid mixing animals as much as possible to reduce the risk of cattle disease and contamination.

To assist with disease traceback, NAIT Ltd has introduced a new requirement for farmers on Moving Day: the NAIT number will not move with the herd.


Instead, the person in charge of animals must register a new NAIT number and record a movement for the animals that have moved.

A departing herd manager who is the registered PICA for the herd they manage may apply to change the PICA for their NAIT number. This will allow the new PICA to continue to use the same NAIT number for an existing location if required.

If moving farms, or buying/selling livestock, OSPRI advises you consider these actions to minimise the risk of the spread of disease and to ensure you are fulfilling your NAIT and TBfree obligations:

* Check your NAIT contact details are up-to-date.
* Register a NAIT and TBfree herd number at all of the locations you manage where cattle are kept. Two or more properties within a 10km radius can use the same NAIT number.
* Tag and register your animals and record all livestock movements in the NAIT system.
* Ensure livestock moving from a designated TB movement control area have had a TB test within 60 days and/or have been issued a permit to move.
* Check the status of any incoming stock or a purchased new herd and if it has been tested for TB or Mycoplasma bovis.
* Check that all incoming vehicles on-farm, machinery and equipment are suitably clean and fit for purpose. The Ministry for Primbary Industries website offers information on sanitation.

Farmers with questions about their NAIT and TB obligations on Moving Day can check the OSPRI website first, or call the OSPRI contact centre on 0800482463.