The recently released draft report "Low-emissions economy" by the Productivity Commission recommended that Government increase funding for research on agricultural mitigation technologies.

DairyNZ strategy and investment leader for productivity, Dr Bruce Thorrold spoke to The Country's Rowena Duncum about the report and what it could mean for New Zealand farmers.

"It's clear from this (report) that we can't achieve these big emissions reductions targets without significant change right across society and that includes agriculture."

There is no long-term solution to reduce the methane produced by cattle and sheep without the emergence of a mitigation technology according to Dr Thorrold who says it's important that the Government and industry to continue to invest in mitigation technologies, especially methane.


Also in today's interview: Dr Thorrold talks about the DairyNZ Farmers' Forum on May 8-9 at Mystery Creek and his talk about 'Pushing Past the Pasture Plateau.'

Listen below: