Fonterra's Canterbury Head of Farm Source, Charles Fergusson found the latest Global Dairy Trade Auction result "slightly off" from predictions.

Fergusson told The Country's Jamie Mackay "futures had priced in a little bit of an increase and whole milk powder came back a bit."

The GDT Price Index went down -1.1% to USD 3,465 tonne while softer WMP prices saw the average WMP price land 1.5% lower to USD 3,231/tonne.

The end of the season means a lot of dairy animals on the move which brings with it the risk of Mycoplasma bovis contamination.


Fergusson says Fonterra is supporting farmers "as much as we can," with stock movement but encourages farmers to work with advisors, vets and the Ministry for Primary Industries "to make sure they're doing the right thing at a really tough time on-farm."

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