The orchardist neighbouring the proposed River Terrace development southwest of Cromwell believes the subdivision could be an obstacle for their business.

Last week, the Otago Daily Times reported on a proposal to build a subdivision of up to 840 residences on the western side of Sandflat Rd, about 4km southwest of the Cromwell town centre.

Suncrest Orchard manager Michael Jones runs a 70ha orchard beside the development. The Jones Family Fruit Stall is part of the orchard.

Mr Jones said the development would impact his company's ability to grow fruit close to the development.


"While we're pro development around town ... 800 neighbours is quite an obstacle when you're carrying out day-to-day orchard activities like spraying or cherry drying with helicopters."

Mr Jones said he would "most definitely" make a submission when public submissions opened.

"There's not actually that much viable horticultural land available for cherries and apples ... and it would just be a shame to see more of it disappear.

"I do understand there is a need for housing ... there's plenty of hillsides which can't be used for horticulture that could be built on."

Mr Jones said Wilton Partners, the company planning the development, had provided its plans, but there had not been much discussion between them yet.

Other residents or businesses close by were either for the development or had not seen the plans and did not wish to comment.