A major Government report released yesterday documents the changes in New Zealand's soil health.

The report, Our Land 2018, found not only agricultural practises were affecting soil conditions but urban sprawl was also consuming some of the country's most versatile and productive land.

Federated Farmers' environmental spokesperson Chris Allen spoke to The Country's Jamie Mackay saying he is concerned with urban sprawl, although he understands that "we all need houses to live in."

"At the moment it doesn't seem like there's much control over the rate at which they [cities] are spreading."


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Farmers have been working on new techniques to stop soil erosion says Allen who admits that some past practices have been detrimental to the environment

"There are a lot of Government policies that have been going on the last 50 years that have perhaps led us down a path where we shouldn't have been developing some land and using certain activities on it."

Also in today's interview: Chris Allen talks about Auckland Council's lack of support for the QEII National Trust.

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