Before Jordie Barrett was an up and coming All Black he was a dab hand on his family's famous organic dairy farm in South Taranaki.

Barrett spoke to The Country's Jamie Mackay and joked that he and his brother Scott may get into a scrap over who eventually inherits the family farm.

"That was certainly the case back when we were younger, we were the two who spent the most time on the farm."

The Country's rugby raconteur Joe Wheeler has heard from Jordie's brother Beauden that Barrett's farming abilities were so good he could rattle off a cow's ear tag number just by looking at the animal.


Jordie confirms he did have this cow whispering ability back when he was "a wee tacker," but has lost the skill since becoming an All Black.

Also in today's interview: Barrett, Wheeler and Mackay look into what's coming up in Super Rugby and make fun of Sam "Lashes" Casey.

Listen below: