Today The Country is rocking tunes from 1985 which was the year the first domain name was registered for the internet.

On with the show:

Katie Milne:

The President of Federated Farmers is a busy woman at the moment, wearing two hats including that of acting chief executive. Today we discuss the spread OF M. bovis and whether MPI has the resources to fund and fight it.


Steve Maharey:

Is a former Labour Cabinet Minister and Vice Chancellor of Massey university who comments on NZ AgriFood Week, which got underway on Monday, and day one of the Central Districts Field Days today.

Chris Russell:

Our Australian correspondent talks about record rainfalls filling Lake Eyre - a one in 20 year event - and about India slapping a 60% import tariff on Australian chick peas.

Simon Bridges:

The new National Party Leader comments on the first chink in Jacindamania, cruelty to young adults and whether his shadow cabinet reshuffle was an exercise in shuffling the deck chairs.

Joe Wheeler and Liam Squire:

Courtesy of Farmlands, fans of farming and footy, we take our weekly look at Super Rugby and ask where's Richie?

Listen below: