Fashion garments are not usually associated with farming, but Matangi Station supplied the location for a fashion shoot to promote the 14th annual WoolOn Creative Fashion Event awards recently.

This year's awards organising committee wanted to emphasise the relationship between wool production and innovative fashion design, such as fabric and garment creation, in the minds of the public.

The photographs were also part of the awards' new branding.

This year's awards also have a new website, new categories and a new award, and the organising committee has plans for a new education programme, which will form part of the wool celebration this year.


Co-chairwoman Karla Sanders said the wool fashion design awards were ''multi­layered'' and, as part of the new look, the committee also wanted to highlight the qualities of Central Otago's spectacular landscape.

''We want to establish really strong links,'' Mrs Sanders said.

Alexandra photographer Lisa Davidson and the two models, Samantha Nicholls and Lee Murray, who showcased some of the previous years' winning garments, spent some time at Matangi Station late last month.

In addition to primary sponsor Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ), the committee is talking to several other organisations within the wool industry to build potential partnerships, although she did not wish to say who they were at this stage.