The Country's Jamie Mackay caught up with Jimmy "Superfly" Samuels after the Marton-based shearer set the Rural Games alight with his speed shear win.

Samuels beat Jack Fagan to take the final, a win predicted by shearing gun Rowland Smith who was watching the action with Mackay.

Samuels made the final last year "but I couldn't quite get that comeback, so this year I was like ok I've got to make the's all about finishing strong."

Training for speed shearing is a different beast to 20 sheep finals says Samuels.


"There's not a lot of training in terms of say, training for a 20 sheep final, where you have to work on your fitness, your dieting, your mental strength. Whereas speed shearing you just have to work on pressure, learning how to control your pressure, controlling the sheep and moving fast."

Also in today's interview - Samuels tells Mackay how he got the nickname "Superfly" and confesses he's not actually 24 years-old.

Listen below: