There was a world record set at the Hilux New Zealand Rural Games on Sunday afternoon in the Egg Throw and Catch Championship - 85.96 metres.

The Country's Jamie Mackay caught up with the team behind the feat, a couple of baseball players named Kris Richards and Riki Paewai.

Richards was still in a state of disbelief when he spoke to Mackay saying, "when I woke up this morning I was trying to figure out what I was going to have for breakfast. Now I'm a world record holder. It's a great feeling."

Richards is from the United States, played pro-ball for the Baltimore Orioles and is renowned for his strong arm. He can throw an egg over 100 metres but the secret to the event is not just throwing - someone needs to catch the egg as well.


That's where Richards' team mate Riki Paewai comes in. Paewai has also made his name in baseball, starting the game at the age of four and signing a professional contract at 18 years old.

"It's a tough and gruelling sport to get into," says Paewai, who has played for the San Diego Padres and represented New Zealand twice in the Baseball World Cup.

The pair think they may be able to top their current record as Richards is confident he can throw an egg 115-120 meters.

"It'll just be up to Riki being able to catch it."

The duo took the world record off New Zealanders Robbie Hollander and Nick Hornstein which was set in Swanton England in 2017.

Listen below: