The rodeo debate got nasty recently with online abuse aimed at high school students.

The New Zealand Anti Rodeo Coalition Facebook page posted an article about the New Zealand High School Rodeo team competing in Australia and left it online for comments from users.

One commentator attacked the high school students saying he hoped they would end up in wheelchairs for taking part in rodeo. The comments were challenged by other users but the original commenter did not back down, and the offensive posts were not removed for 24 hours.

Craig Wiggins spoke to The Muster's Andy Thompson about the "horrible" online abuse.


Wiggins was the manager of the New Zealand High School Rodeo team and is appalled at the online treatment.

"This is really damaging to these young people and whether you like rodeo or not - that's not the argument here today - what the argument is, is what is cyber-bullying - well I can tell you it's right here right now."

Andy Thompson invited the New Zealand Anti Rodeo Coalition to speak on The Muster but so far they have refused.

Thompson reports that the offensive comments have been removed since he contacted the page.

Although the post is still visible and attracting negative responses, the moderators have posted comments pointing out they have filtered extreme comments from both sides of the debate.

Listen below: