Dannevirke has lost some of the ornamental pear trees so admired by visitors to our town.

The trees, planted along High St and in the precincts of Ward and Barraud Sts, were part of the upgrade of Dannevirke in 2007/2008.

But, while the trees have been regularly pruned, trees on the intersections of Gordon and Allardice Sts have been given the chop because they had become a safety hazard.

Drivers of large vehicles, especially trucks, have complained of being unable to see over or through the trees which have now been removed.

The trees will be replaced with less bushy specimens such as mature lancewoods.

Some of the pear trees have had a rocky history: 10 were destroyed by a vandal in 2009, followed by five more just weeks later.


At the time, a 40-year-old man was arrested and charged with wilful damage after the 10 trees in the town centre were broken. All 10 were replaced.