Curiosity and an inquiring mind have benefits to people of all age groups. Continuing your learning, education or opportunities to grow your knowledge help mental wellbeing and cognitive development.

A sense of self-esteem and goal-setting can be achieved when mastering a challenging topic or learning a new skill. It can be stimulating and encouraging.

Learning can come in many forms and it's not all about reading or studying. We can see it, we can hear it, we can do it or we can seek it.

Keep asking questions, keep seeking the best up-to-date knowledge, or build on the stuff you already know.


If you're looking for ways to upskill, consider the following.

• Take a short course, for example chainsawing, welding or even cooking.
• Head along to a discussion group or field day to see and hear what's going on in the sector and catch up with friends.
• Sign up to an online course in a topic you've always had an interest in.
• Do a course or seminar with your partner or friend.
• Try new experiences or seek information you may not normally be able to access.
• Sign up to a first aid course or a shearing course or just something that might refresh old knowledge.
• Pick up a book. Keep the mind alive with both fiction and non-fiction.
• Sign up to online word games with your friends for daily mind challenges.

- Mischa Clouston, who is contracted to DairyNZ's Wellness and Wellbeing team, is a sheep, beef and deer farmer's wife and a rural practice nurse in North Otago.