Small, mixed-quality yardings sold accordingly at yesterday's Stortford Lodge store sale.

A feature of the lamb yarding was the 1160 male lambs from Kahuranaki Station, Havelock North.

The tops sold for $112.50.

The cattle yarding of about 90 mostly female stock was of varying quality but good stock sold well.




Steers: S and P Wright, Puketapu, seven 2┬Żyr here-cross, av weight, 536kg, 286c/kg, $1525/head; Glenview Farming, Tangoio, five 18mth ang, av weight, 282kg, 354c/kg, $1010/head.

Heifers: Horonui, Poukawa, 19 18mth ang, av weight, 297kg, 324c/kg, $965/head; B Simmons, Puketapu, 11 18mth ang-cross, av weight, 319kg, 274c/kg, $880/head; two the same, av weight, 305kg, 295c/kg, $900/head; Glenview Farming, Tangoio, nine 18mth ang and ang-here, av weight, 318kg, 325c/kg, $1035/head; eight 18mth ang, av weight, 281kg, 332c/kg, $935/head.

Bulls: Flinders Fisheries, Chatham Island, seven yrling shthrn-cross, av weight, 220kg, 208c/kg, $460/head; S and V Tarrant, Waipukurau, eight wnr fries, av weight, 139kg, 410c/kg, $530/head.


Ewes: R and S Farming, Elsthorpe, 40 m/a, $90; 32 m/a, $75.

Lambs: Kahuranaki Station, Kahuranaki, 209 male, $112.50; 192 male, $106.50; 257 male, $106; 225 male, $100; 223 male, $94; 52 male, $84; G and K Matches, Glengarry, 55 c/o, $118; 58 m/s b/f, $122; B Chrystal, Tutira, 69 ram b/f, $95; 88 ewe b/f, $89; 50 ram, $93; 96 ram, $82.50; Tukemokihi Station, Wairoa, 135 c/o, $93.50; 212 c/o, $86; 51 c/o, $77; R Patulski, Puketitiri Rd, 24 m/s, $130.50.

Prime sale

Monday's prime sale continued the solid tone of the year with lighter ewes doing particularly well.

The prime lambs were also on good demand and the yarding of 61 cattle sold well.



Oxen: (Ang, sth dev-cross) Av weight, 650kg to 657kg, 302c/kg to 305c/kg, $1964/head to $19765/head.

Heifers: (Sth dev-cross, here-fries) Av weight, 509kg to 553kg, 285c/kg to 286c/kg, $1451/head to $1579/head.

Cows: (Jersey, ang-here) Av weight, 462kg, 584kg, 171c/kg, 221c/kg, $790/head $1290/head.

Bulls: (Here-fries, fries, ang, ang-here) Av eight, 585kg to 965kg, 270c/kg to 281c/kg, $1257/head to $2624/head.


Ewes: Slipe, good, $141 to $145; med, $124.50 to $137.50; lighter, $93 to $117. Shorn, good, $131 to $136.50; med, $115 to $126; lighter, $102 to $112. Woolly, good, $115, med, $108; 2th, $96, $125.

Lambs: M/s, $124 to $140; b/f, $149.50 to $160.50; male, $139 to $158; b/f, $158.50; b/f, $137.50; ewe, $119 to $125; b/f, $16.