Complaints from Northland Age readers have promoted the Far North District Council to revisit Kaikohe's Monument Hill Reserve.

"We agree it did not meet the standards expected for such a popular and historic location. We regret that members of the public were upset by its condition," general manager infrastructure and asset management Andy Finch said.

"We have instructed contractors to deploy extra resources, and to repeat spraying and edging work in all council reserves. This will begin in Kaikohe."

The council's public reserves were mown by contractors to a regular schedule, with high-traffic areas, such as picnic areas, mown more frequently, Mr Finch said. Mowing also occurred more often during the summer months to cope with faster grass growth.


"We know that contractors are working hard to keep up with the increased summer workload," he added.

"Our records show that the picnic area on Monument Hill was mown on January 15 and again on February 1."

The council also installed a portable toilet at Monument Hill over the summer months to cater for higher visitor numbers.

The toilet was usually located well away from the picnic area, on the other side of the carpark, but unfortunately that was not the case this year. (The toilet was sited immediately adjacent to a picnic table).

The council had instructed the contractor to move the toilet, which had now been done, and site them well away from eating areas in the future.