The Great New Zealand Tractor Trek is on the road, with a cavalcade of tractors, jeeps and trucks travelling over 2600km in 26 days to raise money and awareness for Hospice.

The man behind the Trek, Phil Aish spoke to The Country about the personal reason behind the epic journey.

Aish's wife spent the last month of her life in Hospice and received "that unparalleled care that only Hospice seems to give to those who are dying." The experience left Aish wanting to give something back to the people who "well beyond the call of duty" for his wife.

"I don't weed gardens, I don't mow lawns - but I do drive tractors and we would like to take a bunch of tractors through New Zealand to raise awareness for hospice and hopefully some money as we go."


The Great New Zealand Tractor Trek for 2016 raised $120,000 for Hospices across the country and Aish likes to make sure the money made in each area goes to that regions' Hospice. "We like to go and give that [money] personally to the Hospice involved to tell them that they're doing what we believe in."

Listen below:

Phil Aish is a "meant to be retired" dairy farmer and has amassed an international entourage, of both urban and rural persuasion and of all ages driving vehicles from vintage tractors to a Humvee.

The second Great New Zealand Tractor Trek began on Monday in Bluff and ends in Cape Reinga on Friday March 9.

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