Kiwi farmers are getting their kits off too!

Last week The Country caught up with Ben Brooksby of The Naked Farmer to find out why Aussie farmers were getting their kit off for a good cause.

Not to be outdone, the West Melton Young Farmers Club have taken up the challenge and are also stripping off for farmer mental health.

The Country spoke to riding instructor Bex Legat from West Melton about how the cheeky idea snowballed into a professional photo shoot and calendar.


Legat says her interest was sparked after The Country ran a Facebook competition encouraging farmers to send in their own naked snaps. Through the magic of social media, a partnership between the West Melton Young Farmers Club and Daisy Chain Trust was quickly established - and what was supposed to be a casual barbecue turned into an impromptu professional naked photoshoot with Richard Laing Photography.

Naturally the photos were all done in the best possible taste but "the neighbours had a great wee show," says Legat.

Another photo shoot is scheduled for the 24th February and the calendar should be out and ready for sale by August.

Daisy Chain Trust wants to create a "happy and safe place" for people dealing with mental illness says Legat, who is hoping the cheeky calendar will help raise the 125k needed to build the custom designed retreat.

Find out more about Daisy Chain Trust here.

Listen below: