Today on The Country dam-loving Jamie Mackay looks at the other side of the argument in an interview with Annabeth Cohen from Forest and Bird who says dams are not all they're cracked up to be.

On with the show:

Annabeth Cohen:

Is a Forest and Bird Fresh Water spokeswoman who argues large scale dams and associated water schemes aren't the panacea many hope they will be.

Bill English:


The former PM talks about an unchanged OCR, the state of the world economy, keeping your enemies close and a speed shear at Waimumu!

Margaret Kouvelis:

The Chairperson of the New Zealand Rural Sports Trust previews the Norwood Rural Sports Awards and the Hilux New Zealand Rural Games happening in Palmerston North and Feilding on March 9-11.

Wes Lefroy:

There is a lot of excitement and talk about 'blockchain' but yet little is known about what it actually is and how this digitised technology could be implemented in the agrisector. Rabobank's agricultural analyst has been closely following the potential of this new digitised approach to managing supply chains and how it could revolutionise the food and agri supply chain.

Chris Russell:

Australian correspondent updates action from across the ditch where there's a wool boom but a shortage of shearers to harvest it.

Listen below: