Back by popular demand, an avocado-flavoured beer is returning to next month's Katikati A&P Show.

The brew, crafted by Stu Marshall of Mount Maunganui's craft brewery Rocky Knob, debuted at last year's show as part of the Katikati Avocado Expo. Visitors were offered free 60ml samples inside the expo marquee.

The brew's unique and subtle flavour was a hit with punters, prompting expo organisers to call for its return.

Marketing and communications manager Steve Trickett of avocado export group AVOCO, says the experimental beer was an opportunity for avocado-lovers to celebrate their favourite summer fruit in an exciting new way.


"Everyone knows that beer goes well with nachos and guacamole, so the idea of combining guacamole ingredients in a beer was something people were keen to try.
"It definitely got people talking."

Feedback from punters to the experimental brew last year was very positive, says Stu.
"Everyone who tried it was supportive of the concept, especially growers who supply AVOCO.

"They were stoked to see their fruit being used in a completely different way. A lot of growers like beer as well so it's a win-win all round."

Stu has tweaked the recipe since last year's experimental batch by adding more avocados to the post-fermentation phase.

"Avocados naturally have a very subtle flavour and, combined with malt and hops, add a nuttiness and creamy texture to beer.

"This year we're aiming for a stronger flavour so we processed a lot more avocados and threw in fresh coriander and lemon as well."

Stu says avocados are a difficult ingredient to work with due to being naturally very high in oil.

"You normally wouldn't want an oil anywhere near beer, but we've made it work." The 50-litre batch was kegged last weekend ahead of the Avocado Expo on Sunday, February 4 at the Uretara Domain.


Free 60ml samples will again be on offer. Avocado-related culinary fare will be for sale while other expo activities include a tug-o-war competition for teams of five, sponsored by AVOCO.