Bulls retailers are embracing a new initiative that will reduce the number of plastic bags being used in the Rangitikei town.

The Bulls and District Community Trust has started rolling out the "Bull Bag", an eco-friendly, reusable bag with a picture of a bull on it, that can be used in place of the plastic shopping bag.

The Bull Bag idea and its development came from the Bulls and District Trust, and the trust's community development manager, Jan Harris, said she was delighted at how retailers had received the bag.

"We weren't prepared for the reaction - only one business turned us down. So far we have 19 businesses in Bulls using the Bull Bag," Ms Harris said.


The Bull Bag comes in two sizes - the small one is big enough to hold something like a bottle of milk, while the big one is a full-sized shopping bag - and features an image of a bull with the names of local retailers written on it.

Ms Harris said many of the retailers are giving the bags to customers for free if they make a minimum purchase. Or people can buy the bags - $3 for the small bag and $5 for the large bag.

She said some retailers were using the bags in creative ways, such as Central House Movers, who give out their contracts in Bull Bags.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was given a Bull Bag when she stopped in Bulls on January 24, on her way to Ratana for the Ratana celebrations.

Ms Harris said she hoped the Bull Bag would make people think about how much plastic they use in the everyday life.

"Plastic is everywhere these days. We want to do something to reduce plastic bag use in Bulls.

"It's a baby step, but it is a step."