In the battle against Mycoplasma bovis farmers are urged to take three simple steps to help protect their cattle from this disease.

DairyNZ Chief Executive Dr Tim Mackle spoke to The Country to outline these steps.

ONE: Check your boundary fences

Make sure that they are secure and sound. If you know your animals are grazing next to your neighbours at any point, put a two metre buffer strip in there with a temporary fence (for example).


TWO: NAIT records need to be up to date

It is important to keep these reports current. Farmers have been questioning whether MPI's response to M. bovis would have been quicker had all the NAIT records been complete.

THREE: Get your hands on some resources

DairyNZ has a lot of information on its website, and has teamed up with farmers and vets to develop a Warrant of Fitness for biosecurity. There is also a simple biosecurity checklist to download.

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