Dairy farmers can now enjoy greater choice on their liquid feed requirements,
says a national feeds company.

GrainCorp Feeds will offer molasses through its national supply chain from this month.
General manager Daniel Calcinai says this change from solely a distributor to importer as well is significant for the dairy industry.

The company will offer the product direct to farmers using its national storage facilities, which can hold up 35,000Mt, which will streamline the import and distribution process of molasses as a liquid supplementary feed.

"Our ports in Tauranga, New Plymouth, Bluff and Timaru are strategically positioned to allow the efficient delivery of molasses throughout New Zealand's dairy regions," Mr Calcinai says.


"Molasses has a proven history of increasing output and improving quality when used as part of a comprehensive feed programme.

"Our priority is to offer New Zealand farmers access to industry leading feed products supported by an efficient supply chain with outstanding customer service," he says.

Mr Calcinai believes that the focus on milk composition with the incoming parameters and potential penalties from inflated fat, measured using the fat evaluation index (FEI), will encourage the use of feeds other than palm kernel.

Molasses provides the flexibility to be fed in its current state or blended with other GrainCorp dry or liquid feeds to help reduce palm kernel consumption and FEI penalties.

"It's widely agreed that molasses is an excellent supplementary feed for pasture fed ruminants and provides many benefits for dairy cows as part of the overall diet."

As well as blackstrap and feed-grade molasses, GrainCorp Feeds will also offer blended molasses in their LiquiPro range, such as molasses with calcium, magnesium, and zinc or other additives to suit different herd requirements.