A video posted to Facebook by the ITM Fishing Show comparing men and women has been slammed by one of the people in it as derogatory.

But the show's host, Matt Watson, said the video was never meant to offend, and that most people had taken it as it was intended.

The short video, taken in 2010 from footage on Matt's Fishing Apprentice, is titled "Guys Fishing vs Girls Fishing".

It begins with a shot of two women on a boat, talking about bikinis. The footage then fast forwards for a while, and when it stops the women are still talking about bikinis. One of the women is Kiwi fishing show host Nicky Sinden.


The video then cuts to the men, who are relaxing on the boat in silence, ending with one man looking at the camera and farting.

So true....so true. hahaha..

Posted by The ITM Fishing Show on Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Sinden, who now hosts TV show Ados Addicted to Fishing took to her show's Facebook page to criticise the video, which she said was cut together from three different conversations and more than eight hours of footage, making it an inaccurate portrayal.

"It's such a shame that such a prominent figure in the fishing industry and a role model to so many young girls and boys finds it necessary to continually post derogatory videos towards women who are out there doing what they love," Sinden wrote in the post, which has now been removed.

I've got a wife and a 15-year-old daughter and I've got a mum and a sister, and they will all tell me if I'm out of line, trust me.

"We were not told that we were being filmed and this is how they portray women.

"What kind of message does this send to children?"

But Watson didn't believe the video was derogatory and said he had asked several women if they thought there was a problem and was told there was not.

"I watched the video three times this morning just to check . . . I've got a wife and a 15-year-old daughter and I've got a mum and a sister, and they will all tell me if I'm out of line, trust me," he said.

"All of them laughed."


They all told him the video was fine and said he did not need to remove it from Facebook.

Watson did not post the video himself. He said it had previously been posted five or six years ago and had been popular at the time, so a staff member would have posted it during the holiday period to keep traffic up on social media.

He called the video "a little bit of satire".

He did not know what the other post referred to when it said ITM was "continually" posting derogatory videos.

Most of the comments on the video are from people tagging one another.

One women wrote she was "shocked" at the "senselessness and misuse of this footage" while another man said he was not sure what the problem was.

"He obviously enjoys a laugh. He's taken the piss out of both genders," the comment said.