Today The Country focuses on the big rural news story of the day - Mycoplasma bovis has been found on more farms including one in the North Island.

On with the show:

Geoff Gwyn:

We ask the Ministry for Primary Industries' response director about the latest outbreak of Mycoplasma bovis with confirmation that it has now been discovered on dairy and dry stock farms in Southland and Hawkes Bay.


Jacinda Ardern:

The PM ponders the M bovis outbreak, her first 50 days in office, whether the Nats will resurrect and resuscitate Colin Craig, the euthanasia vote and her contrasting relationship with two Australian politicians.

Chris Brandolino:

NIWA's principal weather scientist has some promising news for parched farms and farmers.

Dr Doug Edmeades:

Is a Hamilton-based soil scientist but is he a climate change denier or a skeptic? Plus we talk about the big farming issue of 2017 – water.

Blake Holgate:

Rabobank's animal proteins analyst talks about the effect M bovis could have on beef farming and why NZ beef prices are expected to hold firm in the face of expanding global production.

Andy Thompson:

Is a former West Coast cow cocky who now runs a rural radio show in Southland. Today we get his thoughts on the discovery of M bovis in his adopted province.

Listen below: