Year in Review: A negative portrayal of dairy farming that screened on TVNZ1's Sunday show in April sparked outrage among the rural community. Regular contributors to The Country spoke to Jamie Mackay to voice their concerns.

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Listen: Sunday show 'a disgrace' - Steve Wyn-Harris and Grant McCallum

Central Hawke's Bay sheep and beef farmer Steve Wyn-Harris and Northland cow cocky Grant McCallum are up in arms over the portrayal of farming on the Sunday show The Price of Milk? which aired on TVNZ1.


The Country's Jamie Mackay caught up with both of them for their opinion over the show which is already causing controversy among farmers.

Wyn-Harris was looking forward to a balanced show where farmers would finally be able to tell New Zealand their side of the story. Within minutes of watching he says his "heart sank" as soon as he saw shots of Gavin "Flinty" Flint's farm.

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Wyn-Harris is so incensed he has laid a complaint with TVNZ and is fully committed to taking it the Broadcasting Standards Authority if need be.

Grant McCallum says farmers have to beware of the media as "they've got an agenda" saying that showing a homekill on the show was excessive and unnecessary.

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Both men agree that Flinty was stitched up as his farm was filmed during an exceptionally wet winter/early spring period and then compared to another farm shown at the height of summer.