A pesticide used for spraying apple crops has been recalled after it caused damage to Royal Gala crops in Nelson, Tasman and Hawke's Bay orchards.

Global crop protection group Adama New Zealand was alerted to the issue on October 5 by a Hawke's Bay grower who found blemishes on leaves and buds of Royal Gala trees.

Adama immediately launched an investigation and it was found that the cover spray Mancozeb included the presence of a fungicide not intended for apples.

Adama NZ chief executive David MacGibbon said they wouldn't know what the extent of the damage was until closer to harvest in February/March.


Mr MacGibbon said growers affected would be compensated but the form of compensation would be dependant on the extent of the damage.

"Mancozeb has been a widely used product in spring for apple growers since we started selling it 10 years ago. "There have never been any issues before," he said.

"However, we will not be selling it again as we have now lost our faith in its manufacturer. This is the only product they produce for us."

Adama would be continuing to run residue tests on the trees for the next few months where the product has been used.

The problem does not affect any apples currently for sale from last season.