People living near Omanawa Falls have been warned to stay well clear of the track area this Thursday due to "blasting activities".

The blasting was to clear slip debris from the access track, Kip Mandeno of Avalon Industrial Services said in a letter to nearby residents.

There was no risk to property, people, pets or livestock as long as everyone stayed away, he said.

"It is essential residents do not try and access the site or try to observe from a distance as there will be nothing to see and it only poses a significant risk to you and our team."


It was not "larger material" that posed the greatest hazard, but small fragments that could travel at very high speeds.

"In general, there should be no risk to livestock on your property but if you are concerned with pets or other stock then they should be moved to the front of your property of secured indoors.

"Noise at your property should be no worse than the volume of a shotgun," Mandeno said.

The work was being carried out on behalf of Tauranga City Council's parks team.