A central city Whangarei cafe was abuzz this morning with more than 2000 bees swarming beneath a table.

Lit Cafe staff decided to keep the doors closed to customers as the mass of bees were removed.

Jethro George said a staff member cleaning up on the outside deck of the cafe last night noticed a large number of bees massing around a table. When he checked a few hours later a swarm had formed and the Whangarei District Council was contacted this morning.

A pest management team from Enviropro, dressed in beekeeping protective gear, moved in with a cardboard box and a dustpan and broom to remove the bees about 9am.


Mr George, who had worked with bees previously, said a few of the bees would hang most of the day and it was safer to close the cafe until they had disappeared.

"Just incase a customer does get stung and suffers an anaphylactic reaction, we don't want that. And with the kitchen operating we need ventilation and the windows open."

Just a word of warning if you don't like bees don't watch this video.