The Country

has been running a series called

Farmers are Good Buggers Too

lately which has focused on getting a positive picture of farming life out into the world.


DairyNZ Chief Executive Dr Tim Mackle spoke to Jamie Mackay today about how such publicity can lift the perception of rural people in the public eye.

Dr Mackle has had his work cut out for him trying to win the PR battle, especially with the bad rap he says the dairy industry has been getting. However he is determined to promote positive environmental stories around New Zealand to combat any "negative attention."

A proposed water and nitrate tax is detrimental to farmers not only financially but in the public perception says Dr Mackle, as it draws attention away from the good work rural people are doing.

Also in today's interview, Dr Tim Mackle talks about the challenge of changing the dairy industry's image, and gives a message to urban New Zealanders about why they should support our country's dairy farmers.

In short - Dr Tim Mackle is today's "Honorary Good Bugger."

Listen to the full interview in the Soundcloud embed below: