Today's "good bugger" is John Ford, Rotorua sheep and bull beef farmer and winner of the 2015 Ballance Farm Environment Awards. He spoke to The Country about what makes him an environmentally friendly farmer.

John's advice for looking after the environment is to start with the basics. The Fords retired the bush on their farm (which accounts for 25 per cent of the property), along with many of the streams.

Listen to the full interview in the Soundcloud embed below:

They also have their bulls on the "easier country" and their sheep on more hilly terrain. This not only results in a better profit but is kinder to the environment by reducing potential soil damage and erosion from the heavier bull beef.

John also chats to Jamie Mackay about the history of his farm, what it actually means when you "retire" part of your farm and why bull beef is more environmentally friendly than dairy farming.