It's the whole show in one go! Today The Country is dedicated to songs about rockets. Why? Jamie and Dom are worried about North Korea firing another missile over Japan...

On with the show:

John Law:

Our Met Service forecaster welcomes the warmth of spring and warns of some severe nor-west winds for the inland South Island.


Tracy Brown:

Courtesy of Allflex, we continue our series "Farmers are Good Buggers too", showcasing farmers who are doing good things for the economy but, more importantly, doing the right thing by the environment. Today it's the turn of the chairperson of the Ballance Farm Environment Awards Alumni.

Doug Avery and Shane McManaway:

Today's panel features two high profile men in agriculture, one described as a 'truck turned Agri CEO' and the other a 'Resilient Farmer'.

Don Carson:

Is a freelance rural commentator who comments on farmer protests, Myrtle Rust, Landcorp, Ecotain Plantain, Al Jazeera and Rachel Stewart.

Barry Soper:

We ask our political editor what odds the TAB would have on Jacinda Ardern being our next Prime Minister and we talk about Winston's last roll of the dice.

Grant Nisbett:

This week's $100 TAB sports bet of the week sees us backing the All Blacks (unders) paying $3-25.

Listen to The Country in the Soundcloud embed below: