Four hundred televisions and close to 1000 litres of waste oil were among a vast quantity of hazardous and e-waste items disposed of at a free HazMobile event run by the CHB District Council last Saturday.

It has been about five years since residents have had such an opportunity, and more than 370 people took advantage of the day to get rid of electronic equipment as well as old paint, chemicals and carseats.

As well as the televisions and waste oil, 600 tins of paint, 100 computers, 100 old stereos, 12 car seats, 1600 litres of poisons and half a tonne of batteries were received.

Held at the Waipukurau Transfer Station, cars queued 500m along Mt Herbert Rd, but people did not mind waiting, said Darren Green from Green Waste Solutions, which manages the transfer station on behalf of the council.


"It was a fantastic day, there was a great community spirit and people were very positive.

"Surprisingly, there was a huge number of old chemicals from the 1950s and 1960s."

Central Hawke's Bay's volunteer fire brigades helped with traffic management and unloading the waste that would ordinarily have gone to the landfill.

Instead, it would now be recycled where possible and all hazardous poisons and chemicals disposed of safely.

The council ran the event as a Spring Fling promotion and followed up with another free day for people to dispose of their green waste at transfer stations at Waipukurau, Waipawa, Takapau and Porangahau.