It's the whole show in one go! Today The Country is dedicated to the late great Johnny Cash and The Man in Black passed away on this day in 2003.

On with the show:

Matt Wyeth:

Courtesy of Allflex, we continue our series "Farmers are Good Buggers too", showcasing farmers who are doing good things for the economy but, more importantly, doing the right thing by the environment.


Winston Peters:

The New Zealand First leader denies making an election power play over Labour's tax policy and describes himself as both a "sail and an anchor" as opposed to a "handbrake".

Lloyd Downing:

A high profile Waikato farmer and former president of Fieldays says the farming communities of New Zealand are being given the opportunity to express their frustration with the continued attacks on rural New Zealand with a protest to be held at midday on Monday in Morrinsville.

Jane Smith:

Is a former winner of the Ballance Farm Environment Awards who takes an opposing view to that of Lloyd Downing when it comes to farmers expressing their frustrations in the lead up to the September 23 election.

Jim Hopkins:

Is a rural raconteur who's deadly serious about what he perceives as political attacks on the farming community from Labour and the Greens.


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