Help is required to identify two mysterious items at the North Otago Museum.

Museum curator Chloe Searle has been working on reviewing the agricultural collection and has found two items she cannot identify.

Despite bringing in older farmers to help, she was no closer to determining what they actually were, she said this week.

One item looked like it could perhaps have been used in the process of making barbed wire and the other, larger, item appeared to have been used to cut soil, but that was all "guess work".


She welcomed help from historians or anyone who might have a wider understanding of farming over the 1900 to 1960 period.

It was thought the items would have been donated in the 1960s, but there were no records to say what they were.

"They were probably already old items when they came to the museum."

She said identification would help establish how the items fitted into the collection and North Otago history.

"Sometimes objects are the only record of something."

Anyone who can help should contact the museum or email